Here you will be able to find all relevant documents relating to our governance. To view any of the documents simply click any one of the titles below.

Audit Committee Minutes

Audit Minutes 17.05.18 signed
Audit Committee Minutes - 30.11.17
Audit Committee Minutes 11.10.18 signed
Audit Committee Minutes 29.11.18 signed
Audit Minutes 07.03.19 signed

Board Meetings Calendar 2017 18

Governors' Meeting Schedule - approved 13.07.17

Corporation Minutes 

Corporation meeting 23.03.17 signed minutes
Corporation meeting 13.07.17 signed minutes

Corporation meeting 19.10.17 signed minutes

Corporation meeting 14.12.17 signed minutes
Corporation meeting12.07.18 signed minutes
Corporation meeting 18.10.18 signed minutes PT 1
Corporation meeting 13.12.18 signed minutes PT 1

Finance, Resource and Capital Committee Minutes

FRC Meeting 30.11.17 signed minutes
FRC Minutes Part 1 08.02.18 - signed minutes

FRC Minutes Part 1 03.05.18 - signed minutes
FRC Minutes Part 1 04.10.18 - signed minutes
FRC Minutes 08.11.18 - signed minutes
FRC Minutes 29.11.18 - signed minutes
FRC Minutes 07.02.19 - signed minutes
FRC Minutes 07.03.19 - signed minutes
FRC Minutes 02.05.19 - signed minutes

Financial Statements

Final Signed Financial Statements 31.07.16
Final Signed Financial Statements 31.07.17
Final Signed Financial Statements 31.07.18

Other Relevant Documents

Code of Conduct
Code of Good Governance
Instrument and Articles
Standing Orders
Terms of Reference

Standard minutes

FE Standards meeting 05.07.18 - signed
HE Standards 14.10.17 signed minutes
HE Standards minutes 11.10.18 signed
FE Standards minutes 14.03.19 signed
HE Minutes 03.05.18 signed
Standards 04.10.18 signed minutes
Standards 06.12.18 signed minutes


Nominations minutes

Nominations minutes 20.08.17 signed minutes
Nominations minutes 01.12.18 signed minutes
Nominations minutes 08.11.19 signed minutes

All Freedom of Information requests should be emailed to Ralph Devereux, the Clerk to Governors.

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