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The International student tuition fee for a 6-month training course = £7,500

International Tuition Fee Payments

Each student is charged a fee for each academic year of study. Fees, based on information held on the student information system, are calculated accordingly around the point of enrolment but will, during the academic year, be updated/amended in the event of any registration change. You will be given an invoice to confirm the amount due.

Student Responsibility for Fees

When a student accepts a place to study at Central Bedfordshire College they assume responsibility for the payment of their tuition fees. A student must therefore have sufficient financial resources available to meet the fees, maintenance and other expenses that may be incurred throughout their programme of study.

Please pay your fees according to the instructions shown on your invoice. If you have not received an invoice, then please contact the International Department immediately.

Fees can be paid in advance of enrolment or on the day of enrolment. A minimum payment of 50% is required on application, although the full amount may be paid. Second instalments are due by the course start date.

All fees must be paid - in full - before the course start date.

Please ensure that you pay all bank charges (both your bank and our bank) as you are responsible for the full fee, including any charges incurred during the transaction.

Sponsored students

If you are a sponsored student (i.e. an organisation is payment some or your entire tuition fee), please provide a Financial Sponsorship letter during your application. An invoice will then be sent to your sponsor. Please note that if we have not received the details of your sponsor you will be treated as a self-financing student.

To request a receipt

All successful payments are confirmed with a confirmation email and separate receipt.


The tuition fee is only refundable if your application for a student visa is refused. The refund will minus an administration fee of £100, plus any transaction fees that are incurred from transaction.

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