Student Services – Welfare

If I have a problem that is worrying me, who can I talk to?
Any student with worries or concerns can seek advice from their Tutor or The Student Services Welfare Team.

Do you have a Counselling Service at College?
We do not have an in-house Counselling Service, however we have links, contacts and information about Counselling Services within the local area and this information can be obtained by consulting our Student Services Welfare Team.

If I have a problem with my academic work, who can I talk to?
Your personal tutor will provide all the academic support you need to ensure you are able to complete your course successfully. You will meet with your tutor regularly to discuss any concerns and set targets to help you keep on track.

If I'm unhappy on my course what can I do?
Don't leave it a long time to talk to someone about it. Speak to your personal tutor or Learning Area Manager, there maybe things that can be adjusted to make your time at Central Bedfordshire College more enjoyable. If it is near the beginning of the course, you may be able to change courses.

Student Services – Funding (Bursaries, Study Awards and Travel Awards)

If I am struggling with the costs of coming to College what can I do?
Speak to a member of the Student Services Funding Team who will be able to advise you on any financial assistance available to you through the Discretionary Learner Support Fund (DLSF). See website for information on all Bursaries and Study Awards available through DLSF.

I have completed a Funding Application form so when will I receive my Bursary or Study/Travel Award?
If eligible and approved to receive a 16-18 Bursary, 19+ Study Award/Travel Award or 24+ Loans Bursary, payments will be made half termly after register checks are carried out to confirm a Learners attendance reaches the 85% or above requirement.

I get a VYP Bursary, when will I receive my payments?
VYP Bursary payments are made towards the end of each month from September to June, i.e 10 Monthly payments in total, subject to meeting the attendance percentage requirements as above.

Why didn't I get my Bursary or Study/Travel Award?
Learners who do not meet the 85% attendance requirement will not receive the Bursary for that half term. Attendance checks will be monitored on the lead up to the following payment and will be awarded only if sufficient attendance increase is met at this point. Attendance is an overall calculation based on all your main programme and additional subjects.

Why did my friend receive a higher Bursary or Study Award payment than me?
The college allocates payments from three different funding streams i.e 16-18, 19+ and 24+ Loans Bursaries, therefore the amounts given may differ due to the fund amount given by government and the number of Learners applying for funding from each different allocation.

If I've lost my lunch money, bus fare or bus ticket, what can I do?
The Student Services Welfare/Funding Team are able to allocate small amounts of money in emergency situations i.e. lost bus ticket or taxi home required due to being taken ill. This is managed through the discretionary learner support fund and can either be a loan to the learner or deducted from a future Bursary payment. If the learner decides to have the money deducted from a future Bursary and then their attendance falls under the 85% required to receive that Bursary, the money will be required to be paid back to The Student Services Welfare/Funding Team.

If you are not in receipt of a College Bursary, Student Services will lend you emergency funds however these must be repaid on an agreed date.

How much will my Bursary or Study/Travel Award be each half term?
Bursary amounts differ between different groups of Learners by age and travel costs. Following assessment for DLSF you will receive a letter advising you of the outcome of your application and how much the first payment will be for.

Why can you not tell me an exact date when my half termly payment will be made?
The Student Services Funding Team manage the allocation of all payments for Bursaries and Study/Travel Awards however it is the Finance Team that sanction the payment. As half termly Bursary and Study/Travel Awards can total large sums of money the payments have to be authorised and this can sometimes cause delays of when payments finally get released. The College will always endeavour to authorise payments in a timely manner where at all possible.

I didn't receive my Bursary or Study/Travel Award because my attendance was under 85%, what can I do?
If your payment gets withheld you will receive notification of this in writing. There is an appeals process and if you believe that the information we have used to make the decision is inaccurate and that your attendance does reach 85% or above then you should make your appeal in writing to the Head of Student Services.

Can I get help to pay my College fees?
The Colleges Discretionary Learner Support Fund cannot be used for the payment of fees as per the funding guidelines received from the SFA.

Can I get help with the costs of any kit or equipment I need for my course?
Essential equipment is provided by each Learning Area to enable you to achieve on your course.

I've missed the deadline for applying for a Bursary or Study/Travel Award, what can I do?
If you have missed the deadline for submitting the 14/15 funding application form you should appeal in writing to your Learning Area Manager giving details as to why you were unable to meet the deadline given.

Can I get help with Childcare costs whilst at College?
If you're studying and aged under 20 at the start of your course, Care to Learn can help pay for your childcare costs while you're learning. Please collect a Care to Learn application from the Student Service Funding Team at Dunstable Campus Main reception.

If you are over 20 you can apply for Childcare costs through the Funding Application Form.

Complaints & Comments

Where do I access the comments / complaints policy?

If you have any comments or complaints regarding Central Bedfordshire College you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Learning Improvement Manager.  You will be provided with a copy of the Complaints and Comments Policy and your request will be actioned as per the policy guidelines.

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