Studying at college is a great investment in your future – for a more fulfilling life generally but also for increasing the amount of money you can earn through having the right skills and qualifications.

If you are under-19 you can study full time with us for free – although we may charge a small amount for items such as uniforms and materials.

If you are over-19 you may still qualify for subsidised training, grants or loans depending on your circumstances and the course you are studying.

Students who are studying full time at another institution will not be eligible for funding to study an additional course at Central Bedfordshire College. Therefore, students would need to pay the full fees for their additional course.

You may have heard about bursaries, grants and loans for further and higher education and, like most people, you may be a little confused about how these things affect you personally. There are different bursaries, grants and loans depending on your age, click on a category above to find out more about the support available.

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