The safety of our students is paramount and we are committed to working together to provide a safe learning environment for everyone. This includes; the children of staff members, learners, visitors and
volunteers as well as  young people and vulnerable adults that use the services of Central Bedfordshire College.

We believe it is always unacceptable for anyone; a child, young person or vulnerable adult to experience abuse of any kind. Central Bedfordshire College embeds these values into all procedures and practices and fully recognises our
responsibility to make sure all young people and adults can:

- Be healthy and stay safe whilst learning at the College

- Enjoy and achieve

- Make a positive contribution

- Achieve economic well-being.

We have comprehensive safeguarding procedures in place which guide our practices when a student makes a disclosure, or is suspected to be suffering from any form of abuse. All staff members are trained in Safeguarding and work as a team to support the safety and welfare of our students.

If any student is experiencing any type of harm or is concerned for their safety and/or welfare, or that of any others, then do not hesitate to contact the Central Bedfordshire College Safeguarding Team on 01582 477 776 or e-mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We provide all students with an ID badge, which they should wear at all times. The back of the student ID card has all of the Safeguarding team's contact details, including a mobile number which students can ring or text.

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