Thursday, 15 November 2018

Supported Internship Students enjoy a day learning about public transport!

Our Supported Interns enjoyed a day out organised with Arriva, Grant Palmer and Travel Choices Hub learning about public transport. The Interns were taught how to read a bus timetable and found out more about travelling on various modes of transport.
Siobhan McSwiggan, Active Travel Officer at Travel Choices Hub commented,

"It is our aim at the Travel Choices Hub, 1 Ashton Square, Dunstable to help people break down the barrier to travelling more sustainably. It was our pleasure and privilege to work with the Students and their team of support staff at Central Beds College putting together this very informative day."

The day took an unexpected turn when bus and train cancellations meant that the event did not go as originally planned. However, the Interns took these changes in their stride and had a positive day.

They were thrilled to receive excellent hospitality from the company and received a behind-the-scenes look at life at the train station. They also learned about safety while travelling and had all their questions answered by the expert team. They were shown cards to use while travelling to explain any issues with communication or mobility they may face, which transport staff are trained to understand, to ensure they can travel smoothly in the future with the assistance they need.

The company have kindly offered to organise an additional trip for the Supported Interns in the future to give them further experience travelling by bus and train.





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