Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Lancot Academy join the Digital Media department at Central Bedfordshire College for an exciting collaborative project

Central Bedfordshire College’s Digital Media department welcomed pupils from Lancot Academy for a series of exciting activities across graphics, media, photography and animation. The College is proud to be leading in these innovative partnerships with local schools, which is aimed at inspiring the younger generation and enabling College students to coach and mentor up and coming talent. The students were excited to share the Digital Media department’s extensive knowledge, equipment and skills.

Year 2 pupils undertook an enjoyable animal themed project, photographing handmade papier-mâché animals and recording animal noises with Central Bedfordshire College (CBC) HNC Media students who were also working on a sound unit.

Photography staff from CBC then visited Lancot to show the teachers in more detail, how to use green screens and software to create background habitat shots in which to place the animal photographs.

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 worked on an informative historical magazine where the children were delighted to don period costumes for photographs, ably assisted by CBC’s HNC Photography students. They learned how to set up and take a shot and were excited to take these skills back to their school to share with their classmates. Media students from CBC documented the day as part of their photojournalism unit.

CBC's Level 3 Graphic Design students supported Year 4 pupils in animating a 2D clip of their very own Mr Men story based on the school’s values, which will be showcased at Lancot Academy’s end of year production.

The students and staff from CBC were thrilled to receive lovely letters of thanks from the younger pupils, including one from Lily who commented, “I really enjoyed the extraordinary trip and look around the college… I found a little spark of inspiration in my brain to be just like my helpers [from CBC]. I would love to come to your college.”






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