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Work with us and together we really can make a difference to local lives and business productivity by boosting employment opportunities for the next generation.

How Central Bedfordshire College can support you

We like to work with employers in many different ways in the college in order to support you and your business.

 We can offer

  • Students for Industry Placements
  • Students for Work Experience
  • Traineeships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Supported Internships
  • Access to Student Talent Pool on their final year in college

How you can support us

We welcome employers to engage with our students either in the college or in the workplace.  The ways you can support us include

  • Virtual sessions about your business/career
  • Mock interviews and employability skills
  • Workplace visits
  • Work placements
  • Career events and job fairs

Contact us to find out more about how we can work together at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Employer Information on Industry Placements

What is an Industry Placement?  

Industry placements give students an opportunity to develop their practical and technical skills in a role directly relevant to their vocational course.

They also give employers the chance to ensure that young people are developing the skills and experience that industry needs.

How long do placements last? 

Industry placements can vary in length but must last for a minimum of 315 hours (45 days). Most placements will last an average of 350 hours (50 days) although some will be longer if required for a particular specialism.

Industry placements come as a block, series of blocks, day release or a mix of these. If you are not able to offer the full 315 hours, you can speak to your training provider about sharing part of the placement with another employer.

Industry placements will make up around 20% of the course, with the student spending about 80% of their time in the classroom.

Working hours

We expect most placements will take place during the normal working day, but also recognise that in some occupations it may involve working outside normal working hours. You should agree working patterns with your training provider as part of the work plan discussion.


  • A safe work environment Opportunities for the student to develop their technical skills within your industry
  • A line manager to support, supervise and mentor the student An induction which includes explaining relevant policies and procedures
  • At the end of the placement, formal feedback on the student’s progress against the agreed learning goals


Training providers are responsible for safeguarding and the welfare of students on industry placements. They will check your policies and procedures to make sure your workplace is a safe environment for their student and may carry out a site visit before the placement. Your training provider’s checks and monitoring will be proportionate to the level of risk


  • Developing existing staff's mentoring and management skills Improving the recruitment pipeline for your business
  • Giving opportunities to young people from a wide range of backgrounds, leading to a more diverse workforce Bringing in new and imaginative ideas
  • Building partnerships with local training providers


Industry placements are part of a course and there is no legal requirement or expectation that students will be paid


You will need to provide access to your systems and equipment the student will need to complete the agreed learning goals. Your training provider has access to funding to help with industry placements and can use this to help you with upfront costs, such as providing protective gear or specialist equipment.

Health & Safety

Employers are responsible for health and safety in the workplace. By law, you are responsible for providing a safe working environment, appropriate training and making sure that the student receives an adequate induction.


Contact us to find out more about how we can support you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Training Opportunities

Staff training is a major activity in the UK economy but we know that many businesses – especially small and medium-sized companies – have limited resources and much to gain from working with colleges to enhance the skills of employees and improve productivity.

At Central Bedfordshire College, we have a cohort of experienced tradespeople and professionals who have also trained to teach. Our lecturers are drawn directly from the trades and professions in which they train, giving them an excellent insight into the needs of their industry.

They therefore succeed in training hundreds of skilled workers every year – making a large contribution to our local economy.

This expertise is available to you.

We can train your staff at their place of work or here at college. Training can range from short and sharp bespoke sessions to gain a specific skill or recognised qualifications including apprenticeships!

Ways to learn at CBC


Online Learning

Distance Learning

Community Learning

Level up with a degree-level course

While our fees are designed to be highly competitive, even these may be supplemented with Government funding depending on your needs.

We'd love to hear about your business and come up with a solution that suits your needs.

Simply contact our team on 01582 477 776 or submit an enquiry through the website.


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