Central Bedfordshire College
Course Code
21303 23
Course Title
Entry Level
1 Year(s)
Entry Requirements
Start Date
September 2023
16-18 £0.00
Funded £0.00
Non-Funded £0.00

Is this course right for me?

This course is the final stage of the employability pathway, the aim of a supported Internship is that the learners who have an EHCP will gain paid employment, voluntary work or move into an apprenticeship.

Course Overview

The learners will be supported by a job coach and other members of the Pathways to Work team at every stage of this process, from sourcing and applying for jobs, completing and updating their vocational profile and CV, to interview and starting the job. They will be assigned a trained job coach who will use a systematic instruction approach to teach individuals the skills needed to complete a given task. The job coach will assess the learner at every stage of the process once in placement, and will work with the senior job coach and employer to plan when it is appropriate to withdraw the intensive support needed at the beginning of the placement. The aim is that the learner will become increasingly independent once they have learnt the role and by working together we hope to ensure optimal opportunity for successfully gaining paid employment (including, where appropriate, self-employment).

The course consists of attending some time in college focusing on employability skills with a job coach, attending functional skills or GCSE sessions (as appropriate) and taking part in some specific workshops or small group sessions relevant to their role.

What options are there after completing this course?

We aim to work with the local authorities to offer some level of support for each student after the course has finished. This will be discussed on an individual basis at the annual review.

Additional information

Coming to College is a full time commitment and you will need to ensure that you have factored in the cost of travelling to College and potentially to a local work placement. If you are concerned about this, please click here to see what financial support is available through our Student Services team.

We do recommend a few good resources that you can choose to purchase if you wish which you can see here (link). We may request contributions are made to trips and outings.