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Course Code
21301 23
Course Title
Entry Level
1 Year(s)
Entry Requirements

You must be aged 16 to 25 and have a Learning Difficulties Assessment from the local authority. If you do not have one of these, contact us and we will advise further.

Start Date
September 2023
16-18 £0.00
Funded £0.00
Non-Funded £0.00

Is this course right for me?

This course is for learners who are aged between 16 and 25 and have a special educational Needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Course Overview

The independent living course is a personalised programme that supports learners to improve their life skills and their experiences. The course provides a structured and secure environment where learners receive a high level of support which in turn enables them to experience and take part in a varied college curriculum. Learners will also have support to access all the amenities here at college and to explore the wider community whilst working on their social, communication and life skills. This course aims to challenge and stretch learners to become as independent as possible and work towards their own and the Preparing for Adulthood outcomes.
Staff are trained in Makaton and PECs to help the students to develop their communication and socials skills and ability to learn with and alongside others.

Maths and English are a key part of the timetable, and taught in a functional and relevant way. Learners attend College for three days each week, 9am - 4pm. Group sizes are small and are usually between 6 and 8 learners Learners will be working on gaining an Entry level certificate in Independent living. Progress will be monitored using the RARPA process where personal targets will be set and regularly reviewed with the learner, parents, carers and other professionals.

What options are there after completing this course?

As in all courses at Central Beds College, there is a focus on progression and this course aims to prepare young people for their next step in learning, whether this is a further course at Central Beds College or onward opportunities. The independent living route offers both second- and third-year programmes where the emphasis is on improving independence and building on existing skills in each subsequent year.

Additional information

Coming to College is a full time commitment and you will need to ensure that you have factored in the cost of travelling to College and potentially to a local work placement. If you are concerned about this, please click here to see what financial support is available through our Student Services team.

We do recommend a few good resources that you can choose to purchase if you wish which you can see here (link). We may request contributions are made to trips and outings.