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The College collects information about all students for various administrative, academic and health and safety reasons. Due to the Data Protection Act, we need your consent before we can do this. Since we cannot operate a College effectively without processing information about you, we need you give your consent to the following consent to process clause.

Certain personal data will be sent to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and the Higher Education Funding Agency (HEFCE) via the data returns that we have to make, as well as, awarding body’s to enable us to register you for your qualifications and Central Bedfordshire Council in the case of 16-18 year old withdrawing from their courses.

We may confidentially and securely share your personal information with third parties who are contracted to provide IT or data services for the College. Such information will only be used to provide the contracted services, and in accordance with the terms of the agreements with the College.

Contact details (including phone numbers) of completing HE students will be sent to HEFCE for the National Student Survey, Certain data would be shared with law enforcement partners where we have data sharing agreements in place e.g. Police, Probation service and Local Authorities where any safeguarding concerns may arise including CCTV evidence where required.

Should you fall into arrears of payment to the College, we may disclose personal data to a third party (e.g. solicitors, debt recovery agents, Courts) to help pursue and recover the debt.

We collect and hold data about your attendance, your achievements and your engagement with College systems. In addition to the obvious uses of this data we may analyse this information to help support your time as a student. Confidential information identifying you will only be accessible to you as well as academic and/or support staff who have a legitimate reason for needing access.

Medical information or certificates supplied to the College will be kept on your student record throughout your programme of study and may be used in support of assessment processes. Information concerning your physical or mental health may be disclosed within the College or with appropriate professionals or professional services externally so that a proper level of care and facilities may be provided.

International students should be aware that personal information including information about your enrolment, attendance and progress at this establishment may be passed to the Home Office for purposes connected with immigration.

Central Bedfordshire College will not share or sell your data for any market research purposes and will only send communications to your consented contact methods that are deemed relevant to you.

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