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Friday, 08 April 2022

How to make friends during your first week at college

Being a newbie in a place can be very lonely. It can be frightening going to college knowing that you might not know anyone there. A friend would help in calming your nerves in the newness and strangeness that college unveils. If you are looking for how to make friends in college, keep reading. These tips and hacks are sure to get you making friends in your first week in college.

Say the first hi

Be willing to make the first move. Do you want to make a friend? Show yourself to be friendly. Scan faces and say hi to someone you feel you would like to keep as a friend. The hi does not need to be superficial; keep it open, warm and honest.

Wear a smile always

A smile has been said to be a universal language, the best accessory you can wear. People tend to smile back at someone who smiles. You can start a conversation from there. A smile, they smile back, and you say hi. This technique never goes wrong. People are generally uncomfortable approaching someone with a stern face. 

Join a club or society

Joining a club or organisation related to your interests is a great way to make friends. When you surround yourself with people who share your passions, you open yourself up to new opportunities.

Go to campus events that are organised

Campus events are an excellent place to form bonds. Don't be a social alien if you want to make friends in college. Many activities are held, especially in the first week, think freshers fair, enrolment and more. You should attend them. You are bound to meet people in the same year as you (and of course those in other years). You would have someone to laugh with, or joke about as everyone is usually in an optimistic mood.

Spend time in common areas

There are common areas in college. You should visit common areas more in the first week as there would also be people looking to make friends there. If the noise does not bother you, you can read there, watch TV there or just munch on a snack. Someone is bound to walk up to you, and if no one does, you should step up to someone and say hi. One tip is to try and say hi to one new person every day, even if it's a tutor. Doing this will help you overcome any nerves.

Keep an open mind

College might not be like home, or other familiar places, especially if your college is far away. But it's exciting, and you should try and make the most of meeting people from different cultures, backgrounds, and areas. You should keep an open mind if you want to make friends. 

Say yes

When you are invited to hang out at an event or place that is safe and legal, say yes (of course, if you are free).

You can make friends for life in college. And it doesn't have to wait. Come out of your shell. Your best friend for college is probably sitting next to you. 

Whilst these tips will help you get started with meeting new people, they're just the beginning. Be sure to attend events and keep an open mind when meeting new people. And finally, don't be afraid. We hope these tips give you the confidence boost you need to start college like a pro.