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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

MERGER LATEST: We’re planning for growth

The College’s income has grown by more than 55% in the last eight years, with significant increases in the number of students aged 16 to 18.

Our vision is to further increase our support for our communities. Over the next ten years we anticipate further increases in our offer and reach, including additional community learning hubs.

Our plan to join The Bedford College Group, through merger, will make us part of a large family of colleges, which share our values and have a good track record of developing provision over many years.

One of our more immediate priorities is to ensure more students will be able to study at Level 3 (A Level equivalent) and in higher education (university equivalent). Merger will support the required investment in facilities, teaching staff and support services which are needed to achieve growth.

Our chosen proposed merger partner, The Bedford College Group, has a good track record in aspects such as growth and quality, excellent financial health and a long track record of success.

Due to the complementary nature of our provision and location, we can join the Group with no need for rationalisation of curriculum.

Colleges which have previously joined The Bedford College Group have seen significant growth. This includes zoological facilities at Shuttleworth College, and a campus rebuild and new community learning centres for Tresham College.

At CBC, the emphasis will be on teaching and management capacity.

Merger is about doing more. More for students. More for the economy. More for the community.


You can read more about the merger on our Merger page here.