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Monday, 09 April 2018

CBC Animal Care students win prestigious Jane Goodall Award!

We are extremely proud of our Animal Care students, whose environmental conservation project at Rushmere Country Park has been rewarded with a prestigious Jane Goodall Gold Award.

Since beginning their course in September, the students have been hard at work at Rushmere, taking up bramble, silver birch and other plants so that heather is able to grow. Heather is an important part of the habitat of the endangered nightjar bird, and Rushmere Country Park are hopeful that our students’ impressive labour will contribute to the increase of this species in the area. Having undertaken observations at the beginning of the project, our students will return to the park to review how their work has progressed.

The students were delighted to win the award, with one student commenting, “The awards ceremony was such a special experience. Meeting Jane Goodall was really inspirational and she is so intelligent. It was a great chance to share the work we’d done and to hear about other people’s projects. To know that Jane Goodall had seen our work was incredible.”

Only 13 projects out of 2000 entries were chosen for the Gold award nationally and Animal Care lecturer Lynda Morris is thrilled that this extraordinary achievement has boosted her students’ self-belief, noting, “At least two of the students who were involved in this award-winning project are now thinking about applying for university – it’s aspirational.”

Other students on the course are planning to move onto a Level 3 course or an apprenticeship. “My dream is to be a veterinary nurse,” one student shared.

Well done to all the students involved in this worthwhile project.


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