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We are proud of the work that our learners undertake through Learner Voice at CBC. The Learner Voice programme enables all students to be able to provide their feedback and ideas in order to directly influence and improve college life.

Student Council

Student council meetings allow learners the opportunity to liaise with our Vice Principal Sarah Mortimer and Head of Student Services Lisa Shepherd regarding feedback from their learning areas, relevant issues and latest news.

Meetings also involve students carrying out tasks relating to the improvement of college life for students. For example, students carried out a task delivering the positive and negatives aspects of Moodle and ProMonitor after SPOC feedback showed that the 2 programmes were not as widely used as they could be. These results will now be used to look at how they can be improved and fix any issues.

Focus Groups

Our learners have the opportunity to participate in focus groups throughout the academic year to present their feedback and suggestions on a range of topics and issues.

This year we currently have the Health Watch focus group carrying out an ongoing project. A representative from the Health Watch organisation visits the students to deliver content to a group of 12 student representatives.

The group have chosen to work on the changes to the sexual health service in Luton and Dunstable as it has recently amalgamated all of its services into a site in the centre on the mall in Luton.

The project entails the students analysing the service and the needs of the users to see if there are any gaps. The representative from Health Watch works with the group to aid the project by delivering content relating to the topic, as well as arranging additional visitors to come in and talk to the group.

In January, Jenny Bourne, the Co-ordinator of the Luton sexual health clinic came to talk to students to explain the service, as well as carry out a Q&A session so that students could gather information. When students feel that they have all of the information needed, they will produce an informative report or leaflet detailing their findings. These findings can be used as evidence in meeting with local authorities or relevant governing bodies to make changes to the current provisions in place, or to create a new service.

Students are certificated for their work with the Health Watch organisation and this gives them brilliant experience of working with external agencies to improve service provision for their peers.

Our focus groups are predominantly student led, with a representative from Health Watch assisting on the direction that the students take.


Students also have the opportunity to sit on various committee’s in the college, for example the health and safety committee or the safeguarding committee. This allows for students to be informed on the most up to date changes within the college and also allows for students to be able to input their ideas to improve the college overall.

Bedfordshire Police Visit

Student council members were lucky to be able to meet with the Chief Superintendent of Bedfordshire Police in January 2019. The meeting worked as a Q&A session to address any concerns and questions that students had regarding the presence of crime in Bedfordshire. It also gave students an insight into the aims and objectives of the Police, and how this affects them.

You Said We Did

This initiative is our way of showing learners how we use their valuable feedback and suggestions to improve college life, and we take action to address learners concerns and ideas.

In the most recent student council meeting the following issues were addressed;

- Students highlighted concerns relating to rules and access to Digital Media Campus; The Store. As a response, the College is installing extra CCTV cameras at the front of the store in order to aid this. In addition, the College have also changed access rules to allow only the staff and students upon Digital Media courses to gain access to the campus.

- Students highlighted that there was a lack of provision for smokers. As a response, the College has designated an area for smoking beyond the site and installed a number of smoking bins to ensure the grounds are kept tidy and clean for learners.

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